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Novel Lipid Nanoparticles for Effective Drug Delivery

Adalid Sciences

Emerging from a leading public research organization, we have developed advanced LNP technology, now ready to drive forward the next generation of innovative therapies.

Effective Delivery System

Structural novelty, safety and effetiveness proven by in vivo data. The benefits of our new LNP formulations extend beyond improved drug delivery.

Reliable Partner 

We are here to make your products succeed. With strong scientific expertise and resources in chemistry, nanochemistry, and biology, we offer/provide the drug delivery competence you need.

Our technology was originally developed in the academic sector.
Now, with the support of a strategic partner, Adalid is ready to make a significant impact on patients around the world.
Scientist using microscope

Our Technology In Your Workflow

Stucturally new, safe and effective lipid nanoparticles based on Adamantane core. Backed by strong in vivo data.


Our experts work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop custom solutions.


We leverage our expertise to engineer the optimal lipid nanoparticle formulation for your drug candidate.


Rigorous testing and refinement to ensure optimal performance, safety, and efficacy.


We are ready to support the use of our product throughout its development, regulatory approval and market life cycle.

Science Lab

Reliable Partner For Multiple Industries


Are you developing a genomic therapy? Contact Adalid to learn how our LNP experience can help your product to succeed.


Are you a pharmaceutical company? Our experience can seamlessly complement your in-house development in the area of drug delivery.

Service Providers

We work closely with CROs, CMOs and other service providers to help them expand their services portfolios and provide best value for their clients.


We enjoy working with

academic or public institutions to further advance the delivery aspects of genomic therapies.

Working With Us



Reach out to our team to discuss your drug delivery challenges and explore custom solutions.



Let's work together to unlock the full potential of our innovative lipid nanoparticle technology.



Partner with Adalid and be part of  the future of genomic medicine.

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